Saturday, January 2, 2010

Painted Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elves Army up on Ebay

3000 points of Wood Elves professionally painted and based.

Wood Elves Army Includes:

1 Wood elf noble

1 Alter noble

2 Spell Singers

1 Battle Standard Bearer

1 Wild rider noble on a great stag

2 Units of ten glade gaurd

3 Units of eight dryads

8 Glade riders

8 Wardancers

10 Wild riders

5 waywatchers

3 Warhawk riders

1 Treeman

3 Treekin


  1. Is this army still for sale?

  2. Im sorry the army sold about a month ago. I am available for commission work. If you like the army I can do another like it for you.